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Consist of 42 Units Private Villa, where in every villa there are 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dining room, pantry / kitchen, work space, an open terrace, pool deck and swimming pool. Kujang Jago Private Villa is a property that offers the best investment opportunities in BOGOR with:

A. Function:
The main function of the Development is for luxurious Private Villa it was called Kujang Jago Villa.
The Villa has been designed with fully concerned to basic tourism philosophy that guest who visit to Bogor has wishfully to see, feel and enjoy with specific, unique, comfortable and hospitality of Bogor culture, people and natural beauty/Inspired by West Java “King” life style in their enjoy life activities, improved and or combine with modern life style and modern technology requirement that all Villa
facilities has been created and designed to the Private Villa will receive the guest from overseas (International or even domestic guest) accordance to the market strategy.

The Kujang Jago Villa has been expected to be able to serve and pampers the guest with very high quality of service such as proper service for a “King“ in West Java. The high quality of service means here is total service that it is not service from the Villas staff only but from all aspect such as unique building architecture appearance, specific room design and other specific and unique atmosphere and ambiance from rice field activities also magnificent. The Kujang Jago Villa will have 1 (One) character form of buildings that are: An Unique Private Villa compound form complete with all supported facilities and more modern West Java Architecture form to serve and pampers the guest who still has expected to rest and stay in West Java modern village atmosphere with resort

B. Architectural Conceptual and Approach:
Based on main function of the building, the building would be formed by improvement of West Java Palace form with modern technology and modern lifestyle requirements. Simplicity of West Java Architecture traditional form is necessary to keep castle or “Keraton” form and ambiance with correct scale on every building element.

Architecture elements such pillars, walls, roof shape, floor, ceiling and ornaments will use forms of improvement of Local architecture. Color schemes of the Kujang Jago Private Villa would be natural color which is creates from utilization of exposed natural building material. Strong color will be considered to utilize in some area that contrast when accentuation is necessary. Selection of Building material are based to natural material, strong, life time consideration and low maintenance cost. Green house design concept will be implemented as much as possible especially in building utility system. Finally, great combination of West Java culture architecture with modern technology and life style requirement would be implemented to the architecture aspect of building which is still has strong resort atmosphere feeling.

C. Room Programs :
High Privacy quality of room with more open condition will become the most important in design of spaces for interior and exterior, especially for private rooms for the guests. Room continuity of interior and exterior will become another important aspect also accordance to West Java culture architecture concept that the people (Human Being) are not life inside the room only but be able to life with comfortable in outdoor also.

Bring in the exterior panorama that has two characters Forest & Riverside View to inside the room as much as possible is become another important point also to creates more natural and getting more resort atmosphere and bigger room spaces feeling without reduce the privacy quality of room. Room forms will be based on the specific and unique of room activities inside to create specific and unique room designed and solution with final goal that all guest will get new experience and new impression when stay in the Villa.

Color schemes to the room will utilize natural color also that has been created by utilization of exposed natural building material. Strong and contrast color will still be considered to be utilized for accentuation to get focus view point. Finishes material selection is based on organic, specific and unique criteria in color, texture and shapes that suitable with the specific activities inside the rooms
without reduce the long life and low cost in routine maintenance.

Finally, all rooms will be designed to get high privacy quality, spacious, high comfortable quality and getting proud feeling as a King in West Java when the guests stay in Kujang Jago Villa.

D. Unique Design:
Combination of modern technology and life style with West Java Architecture, natural friendly design and organic material selection creates Kujang Jago Villa become an unique design building with unique resort ambiance.

Privacy is the main consideration factor and become our top concern in space design for indoor and out door to keep conserve continuity of room between indoor and out door space. Privacy with natural open space is one of the most valuable in room design. Room design has big concern also on how to improve the limited area to be a spacious room feeling to get proudly feeling when stay in villa.

Combination of West Java local material such as sand stone, Silakarang stone, Sukabumi stone, paras Krobokan, bingkirai hard wood, timber slate with natural marble stone, modern sanitary ware, special lighting effect complete with exposed roof ceiling creates Kujang Jago become Private villa with Unique Resort Atmospheres.
We called Modern Life Style in Unique West Java atmospheres with natural life create new life experiences.

E. Exclusive:
Kujang Jago has 42 private villas only and become exclusive valuables to the investor.

F. Luxurious:
Kujang Jago Villa has constructed with top Building Standard quality in structure, finishes material, sanitary ware, facilities & top quality in workmanship.

Method of Payment
1. DP 0%, interest 0%, 30% paid in 24X installments with the rest of payment is settled after the unit is completed built or to be paid in installment. EASIEST
2. 0% interest, pay 20% with the rest of payment is settled after the unit is completed built (Discount 7.74%). SUPER EASY
3. 0% interest, pay 30% with the rest of payment is settled with 24X installments (Discount 11.22%). VERY EASY
4. 0% interest, pay 50% and the remaining payment is paid after the unit completed built (Discount 15.72%). EASY
5. Cash (18% discount). CASH

The above prices is the pre-launching price, since the price will be increased 30% from the cash price after the unit has been built and also there is a buy back guarantee from the Developer.

Note: Please contact our marketing team for further details.

Blok Plan Kujang Jago Private Villa
Back View Kujang Jago Private Villa
Floor Layout Kujang Jago Private Villa
Exterior View Kujang Jago Private Villa
Livingroom View Kujang Jago Private Villa
Master Bedroom View Kujang Jago Private Villa