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Kujang Ciung Office Tower consist of 4 tower building which in every 2 tower has been connected by bridge which is surrounded by water feature with promenade complete with restaurant and staff canteen, contact point room, meeting room.
Kujang Ciung Office Tower has been completed with high end security system ensure entire area are secure, safe and comfort for all staff and chairman officer activities, easy in maintenance and services.
Total floor area for a couple tower (2 tower) is 3.978,08 m2 and total for 2 couple (4 tower) are 7.956,16 m2 which is for every single floor from 2nd – 17th floor has floor area approximately 477-517m2.

Kujang Ciung Office Tower is located in Kujang Town Bogor area with land area is 23.427 m²/2.342 ha of Kujang Town Bogor area is 247.660 m²/24,76 ha. As layout below.

Combination of minimalist modern design, natural friendly design with West Java architecture application in “Kujang: shape as life symbol of West Java citizen and completed by using authentic Bogor organic material building additionally with maximum room penetration between interior and exterior area creates Offices Tower of Kujang Ciung Tower become an unique and has high end architecture design that become a must have masterpieces proudly office development.

The room in Offices Room of Kujang Ciung tower was designed naturally with powerful continuity of indoor and outdoor space, flexibility design concern with highest room value, unique, high end for new life experience.
“We called the luxurious modern natural lifestyle, Kujang Ciung Office Tower”

Kujang Ciung Office Tower has been constructed with top building material finishes quality and high standard of workmanship with timber ambience and good sanitary ware quality standard create Kujang Ciung Tower Offices as the best quality standard of property.

Each office is designed for comfort, high safety and security. Price per m2 floor was very competitive which is based on:
Method of Payment
1. DP 0%, interest 0%, 30% paid in 24X installments with the rest of payment is settled after the unit is completed built or to be paid in installment. EASIEST
2. 0% interest, pay 20% with the rest of payment is settled after the unit is completed built (Discount 7.74%). SUPER EASY
3. 0% interest, pay 30% with the rest of payment is settled with 24X installments (Discount 11.22%). VERY EASY
4. 0% interest, pay 50% and the remaining payment is paid after the unit completed built (Discount 15.72%). EASY
5. Cash (18% discount). CASH
The above prices is the pre-launching price, since the price will be increased 30% from the cash price after the unit has been built and also there is a buy back guarantee from the Developer.

Note: Please contact our marketing team for further details.

Kujang Ciung siteplan Kujang Ciung Office Tower
Kujang Ciung Floor Layout
Office Interior